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I’m a busy lady!

Wow!! I have been so busy! Its been nice to potter around the house today after my crazy week.  I feel I’m getting quite behind on posting some of the shoots I’ve done.I’m going to do a few posts today…

Yesterday was nuts. I started the day with photographing my wheelie bin. Why?? It was so cold that it had frozen shut, and I could not open it, so I had to get my iphone out and snap it! I also did a macro on my iphone of the ice on my car.

I’m starting to photograph a cook book. So most of the day was consumed by that. I really enjoy photographing food. Actually I enjoy photographing absolutely anything!  I can’t wait to put up some teasers for the book.

The evening consisted of photographing some children’s artworks.  I think i finished shooting at about 10pm!!!

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  1. What a productive day you’ve had, I really love this shot. The blue and ice is so fantastic (almost mythical!) yes please to the cookbook pics, can’t wait to see your work 🙂

    July 8, 2012

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