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A Cooking Class in Thailand

We both really enjoy cooking (My partner and I). We thought it would be a great idea to try a Thai cooking class whilst on our travels in Thailand.  We  did a bit of research online and on Trip Advisor (the best website ever for travelling), and found Phuket Thai Cookery School 

We had the best day! They picked us up from out Hotel at 7:30 am ( too early, but worth it!). The first stop was the locals fresh food market in Phuket Town. Was such a good experience  having someone taking about the local foods.  The setting of the school was beach front. AMAZING. We cooked 5 thai dishes, and ate each one. I have to say I was very very full by the end of it. It was worth it though. The Thai teachers are VERY good. They spoke English very well, and had us laughing with their humour all day.

Here’s some shots from the day.

328A3912 328A3913 328A3914 328A3915 328A3917 328A3918 328A3919 328A3921 328A3927 328A3930 328A3932 328A3937 328A3938 328A3943 328A3944 328A3949 328A3951 328A3965 328A3970 328A3977 328A3975 328A3979 328A3988 328A3989

This is  Tom Kah Gai that I made – It was delicious!!328A3990 328A4002My Pad Thai….. so YUM!

328A4009 328A4017

Labb Kai – I made a tofu version of this. Was Delicious!328A4033 328A4039


Kaeng Panaeng Moo – SPICY!!

328A4043And my Desert- Ka Nom Kluay (Coconut Banana Steamed Cake)