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Posts from the ‘Kids’ Category

Baby Evie

This is baby Evie. Such a beautiful little girl! I did this new born photo shoot a few weeks back. She was the perfect little model. She slept through most of the photo shoot. There are some amazing new born photos here. She was such a sweetie! check out some more of my new born photos here:


The long weekend, new products and a photo special

The long weekend is here! So exciting! 4 days to recuperate , relax a little and catch up on editing some pics. As well as do a few preggy belly shoots!  I started the day by looking at old photo shoots I had done. Its nice to look back. Here is an old shot that I love.



I have also ordered a new wedding album from a new supplier. I cant wait to get it! Its going to be a beautiful album.  It should be here in about 2 weeks. I will update my website with my new products as soon as it arrives!

In April I am doing a photo special portrait weekend. There are still a few sittings available.  You will find all the info you need on my website:


Have a lovely long weekend!!! Enjoy the chocolate! YUM!







The sweetest little family

Ok, so these little girls are so so sweet. No wonder though, their mum and dad are such lovely people. I photographed Ava, the eldest girl when she was just born. I haven’t seen her since that. During the shoot she kept asking me “when can I see you again nicky?”…. it was so cute.  I love these photos. 1_small 2_small 3_Small 4_Small 5_small 6_Small 7_small 8_Small 9_small

A fun family photo shoot

So, its been a while between posts. I’ve been quite a busy busy busy little lady. I have so many beautiful shoots that I have done in the past 2 months, so I though I should finally post at least one!

I did this photo shoot about a month or so ago. This is the beautiful park at the end of my street. I love taking portraits here. Photographing kids is so much fun. They are definatley one of my favourite subjects to photograph. I had so much fun playing with this family on this shoot.


Little Ainslie – Sneak Peek

This little angel is sooooo adorable (just like her parents). I would have kept holding her for hours if I could.  This is Ainslie. She is 10 days old today and so so beautiful.

Preggy Belly Photo Shoot – TWINS!!!!

This is Bianca & Dean, they are having twins!. This cute couple are sooooo adorable together!! I had so much fun on this photo shoot, we are all in hysterics the entire time! I cant wait to meet their new little family.

Family Shoot

I did this shoot just over a week ago at the family’s house.  I had the kids in hysterics, which was sooooo cute! This family is wonderful, i love it when you just get along with people without any effort or awkwardness.


What a Cutie!

Noah is the sweetest little dude! I loved what he was wearing! We were pressed for time on this shoot, but i am so happy with what I captured.

This is the second time I have photographed Noah. He was tiny the last time I saw him. I love watching babies grow!

The little boy that had me in stitches!

I didn’t stop laughing through this whole shoot. Little Harrison was soooo adorable!! I’m pretty sure he was laughing at me the whole time. I was in stitches!

This was a photo shoot for a girlfriend from high school. Simone is such a lovely down to earth chick. I photographed her wedding last year. And now i get to photograph her family. I love seeing families grow. 🙂

Baby Ryan

This is 4 week old Baby Ryan.  He was a little unsettled on the day, but you cant control how babies are feeling. It’s all about patience when photographing babies. Once he fell asleep I shot these wonderful pics. The yawning shot is adorable!

Ryan is such a sweet little man.