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So I am on holidays… I packed my camera, my laptop, my phone. All the things I need to have on holidays, so that I do a little bit of work. But so far, its been all play, no work. I’m loving it. Time off. It is definably over due. After working like a mad woman for the last 12 months, this is what I was in need of. A trip to the sunshine and heat of Thailand. Away from that miserable winter turning Melbourne.

It was a long 16 hour transit from Melbourne to Phuket. A 6 hour stop over at Kuala Lumpur airport. A stop over I will never do again. After a little bit of food poisoning (from home), a terrible migraine, a 6 hour stop over is not what I needed. I sat in one of those massage chairs, trying to relive the neck aches & migraine from not not sleeping.

Then it was all good.  Some sunshine, cocktails, massages, nice resorts.  Beach, good food, more sunshine, more good food. I love this holiday thing. I should do this more often.

Here are a few shots I have taken so far. Just snap shots of what I’ve seen in passing.

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Walter – watching the rain

This is my Walter. He is the cutest puppy in the world! (of course I would say that….)

Its a cold, windy rainy day in Melbourne today. And when I got home, Walter was just watching the rain through the window. I love being able to pick up my camera randomly to snap a beautiful picture.


Textures from Home

These are some random shots I took around my dads house when I was home. Some of texture, and just some random shots.  There is texture all around me there. I love it.

A long overdue catch up.

Its always too long between catch ups. But seeing old friends is the best thing in the world! Kristin, my high school bestie (one of) visited for the weekend. It was a weekend off for me. But I still had my camera in my hand! It was a weekend of wine, good food and HEAPS of well needed laughter!

It was nice to get the camera out and shoot something just for me. The first pic is a gorgeous self portrait of the two of us in Olinda.The forest was just amazing.