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Baby Evie

This is baby Evie. Such a beautiful little girl! I did this new born photo shoot a few weeks back. She was the perfect little model. She slept through most of the photo shoot. There are some amazing new born photos here. She was such a sweetie! check out some more of my new born photos here:


A day trip to the snow.

Mt Buller. My first snow boarding experience. Why have I waited so long to experience this?

My Dad and sister down from QLD visiting for  a few days. We organised a day trip to the snow as a surprise for my lil sis. We had such a great day. I have fallen in love with snow boarding.

On our way home, this is what I saw. I could not let this go without capturing it. The sun was setting very quickly behind the mountain, and I had about 3 minutes to capture what I could see. This is what I ended up with.  It was so much more beautiful in real life.

A wintery preggy belly shoot

I love love love preggy bellies! I think they are absolutely beautiful.

It was quite a cold wintery day, but we went out for a family and preggy belly shoot. Simone has such a cute bump!!!

I’m a busy lady!

Wow!! I have been so busy! Its been nice to potter around the house today after my crazy week.  I feel I’m getting quite behind on posting some of the shoots I’ve done.I’m going to do a few posts today…

Yesterday was nuts. I started the day with photographing my wheelie bin. Why?? It was so cold that it had frozen shut, and I could not open it, so I had to get my iphone out and snap it! I also did a macro on my iphone of the ice on my car.

I’m starting to photograph a cook book. So most of the day was consumed by that. I really enjoy photographing food. Actually I enjoy photographing absolutely anything!  I can’t wait to put up some teasers for the book.

The evening consisted of photographing some children’s artworks.  I think i finished shooting at about 10pm!!!

Comfort Food for any Man.

The weather is turning cold, and its time to start cooking comfort food. I’m not a fan of cold weather, actually i kind of hate it. The only thing i like about cold weather is being able to sit in front of  a warm open fire (not that I have one at my house), eating a good roast and a drinking really nice bottle of Red.  Natasha (my bestie and stylist)  and I  decided to cook a  Rib-Eye Roast. It ended up being quite a masculine food shot. I could imagine that any guy looking at this shot would love to eat it!

Baby Ryan

This is 4 week old Baby Ryan.  He was a little unsettled on the day, but you cant control how babies are feeling. It’s all about patience when photographing babies. Once he fell asleep I shot these wonderful pics. The yawning shot is adorable!

Ryan is such a sweet little man.

Holidays & Photographing Friends

Yep… I’m on holidays! 10 days in Far North QLD.  Its lovely to go home and see family and friends.

On Easter Monday I spent the whole day with my good friend Steph (High School Buddies) and her gorgeous little family.  I photographed her wedding a few years ago and now she has had 2 children Spencer and Lara.  Unfortunately Spencer had tonsillitis and was feeling very under the weather. He was a trooper on the day!!!

Priya & Gav Wedding

Again…. another amazing wedding. Gav and Priya are so sweet. I loved photographing their wedding. They were both so relaxed on the day. The whole wedding day had that vibe. And I loved Priya’s Baby Bump!!!

Its time to meet me….. I’m Nicky and I love taking photos….

Yes….. that’s right…. I’m a picture kinda girl and I love taking photos. I love everything about capturing a photograph.  For me, it’s about capturing a moment in time and freezing it forever. Yeah… I know that sounds a bit sucky, but it’s true!

I love photographing weddings and kids. This is when I can be creative… I love capturing emotion. I pretty much photograph anything and everything…. I also work as a commercial photographer…. I photograph food and objects.

Aside from photography (which takes up most of my time), my other creative outlet is DJ’ing. Its just a bit of fun. Both my partner and I do this. Keep a look out in the near future for our Wedding & Events DJ Business. Just another little project we are working on together.

Enjoy my blog….