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Bec & Trev

I am lucky, Bec & Trev flew me to Cairns to photograph their beautiful wedding.  I love destination weddings.  The weather was perfect and the venues were amazing!

I started the day with Bec and her family overlooking the ocean at Warrawong Lodge (, a luxury B&B on the hill in Clifton Hill. What a view!!! Such a beautiful start to the wedding day.  The ceremony was held at Novotel Palm Cove , under the fig tree.  Just beautiful.

Here is Bec & Trev’s wedding story.




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The long weekend, new products and a photo special

The long weekend is here! So exciting! 4 days to recuperate , relax a little and catch up on editing some pics. As well as do a few preggy belly shoots!  I started the day by looking at old photo shoots I had done. Its nice to look back. Here is an old shot that I love.



I have also ordered a new wedding album from a new supplier. I cant wait to get it! Its going to be a beautiful album.  It should be here in about 2 weeks. I will update my website with my new products as soon as it arrives!

In April I am doing a photo special portrait weekend. There are still a few sittings available.  You will find all the info you need on my website:


Have a lovely long weekend!!! Enjoy the chocolate! YUM!







Polka Dot Bride – Wedding Photography Submission

So, I submitted a wedding to one of my favorite wedding blogs.  I love this site. Its got amazing photography and ideas all over it.

I LOVE that they have accepted it and put it up….

check it out here….


A Delightful Intimate Wedding /// 21-12-2012

Georgia & Mark 21-12-2012

This was such a lovely intimate wedding. I spent about 2 hours with this lovely couple on their wedding day. There was lots of laughter, love, photo bombing (by their closest friends) & fun.  The registry office didn’t have the connection for the new iPhone, Malcom (Georgias dad), totally improvised and created a speaker out of a plastic cup. I loved it!  I have to say that this was one of the most relaxed weddings I have attended, I really enjoyed spending the time with Georgia & Mark and capturing their day.

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Janelle & Andrew – A Melbourne Engagement Shoot

I had the pleasure of photographing an engagement shoot for Janelle & Andrew. Sweet Couple. We spent a few hours together, starting with a  drive to Alowyn Gardens ( in the Yarra Valley, we then wandered through the gardens taking lots of pretty pictures.  Alowyn Gardens is such a beautiful location to use.

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Melbourne City Wedding

Neeley & Ash _ Wedding

This was a stunning little wedding @ the Melbourne Aquarium. I have to say that inside the Melbourne Aquarium, was definitely the most challenging lighting situation I have ever come across!  It was very dark and intimate, backlit by the beautiful fish tanks. I loved Neely’s dress and her head piece. Absolutely stunning bride!

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The Knot – Planning your wedding

Sooo…. I have decided to try the advertising thing. The knot is an amazing planning website for the bride & groom to be.

I am a little behind on my work, but why not get out there? Oh my god, what am I trying to do to myself! Thats what happens when you love what you do! You cant get enough of it.

Kate & Trent Wedding

Such a cute couple!!

I got on so well with Kate and Trent. We had so much fun and laughter throughout the whole day.  I received such an amazing email from them a few days ago.

“Dear Nicky,

Thank you so much for being our wonderful photographer on our wedding day. We chose you because we felt comfortable with you and felt that you understood us, our relationship and what we wanted for our wedding photos. On the day we were so happy to have you as we were so relaxed and happy and you were just as relaxed as us!
We absolutely love our photos. They encapsulate exactly how fun our day was, and also what we are as a couple. We have had so many comments about how gorgeous the photos are and people love the book, being able to see all the photos in one place!

Thanks again Nicky, we definitely know that we made the right decision by choosing you to be part of our day.

Kate and Trent”

Aaron & Di Wedding

Now this was a cute couple. I made the Bride cry and I cried!! I showed her one of the pics on the back of my camera… It was beautiful. We battled nature this day… It was very windy and cold… But we got out there and took some beautiful pictures.

Jess & Fabian Wedding

Jess is a good old friend of mine, who is also a Wedding Photographer. It was so nice to be able to photograph her wedding for her. Jess and Fabian are such a cute couple, they are sooooo in love. I had so much fun being their photographer.